Guy on a Buffalo


Back in the 1970s, Boundary Ranch founder Rick Guinn worked for a company that provided animals for the film industry. During this time, Rick trained a buffalo to be ridden which led to Rick starring in a film called The Buffalo Rider. The film involved adventures with animals including a cougar!

Inspired by this quirky movie, some musicians from Texas (The Possum Posse) produced some parody music videos starring Rick Guinn riding a buffalo on his adventures. The videos were so popular they went viral with over 30 million views on YouTube! Travel Alberta was so inspired by all the attention online they created a video about Rick Guinn. Boundary Ranch hosted a fundraiser in 2017 where Rick got back on a buffalo and the Possum Posse came up from Texas to play at the event.

What does Rick have to say about the experience of riding a buffalo? “They're a little more stubborn and not as smart as a horse.”

Want to see our buffalo in their viewing paddock? There are several different tours that visit the buffalo.

Find out why our Buffalo Loop Ride is a family favourite!

Boundary Ranch, Kananaskis, Alberta - Home of Guy on a Buffalo
Boundary Ranch, Kananaskis, Alberta - Home of Guy on a Buffalo

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